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This historical fiction book about women’s rights, abolition and temperance set along a quiet canal is Georgia Ann Mullen’s first novel in the Canal Tales series.


As editor of a regional publication that ran articles on the Erie Canal and local history, Georgia visited Seneca Falls, New York to prepare a magazine story on the town and it is unique women's rights heritage.


A tour of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's home, peppered with funny stories about her yellow floors and absent husband, sparked the germ of a plot for A Shocking & Unnatural Incident.  More inspiring were a walk along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal towpath as well as visits to the Women's Rights National Historical Park and the remains of the Weslevan Chapel, now a monument to the First Women's Rights Convention.


Georgia graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism.  She was a newspaper reporter, magazine writer and editor in western New York and also managing editor of a trade publication near Boston


Georgia and her husband, George, live in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she is working on her second historical fiction book in the Canal Tales series.  She enjoys gardening, kayaking, playing the ukulele and reading on the beach with her feet in the water.



"A Shocking & Unnatural Incident"

You may contact Georgia Ann Mullen at:




A Shocking & Unnatural Incident Is a historical fiction book portraying temperance, abolition and women’s rights as the sparks that lit the First Woman’s Rights Convention


Drunks, slave catchers and 19th century chauvinists trigger the women’s rights movement


I’m Tess Riley. The Erie Canal is my one-way ticket out of Seneca Falls. Hop a canal boat, drive those long-eared mules—that’s how I’ll escape this boring western New York town. Tossing knives and wrestling with canal path toughs are my pleasures. Can’t wait to jump into one of those ball bustin’ brawls my brother Coop talks about. That’s the life for me. No school. No sissy girly chores. No more drunken Pa. Forget those temperance societies.


I’d take Beany with me, but she’ll never leave her runaway slave mama. Beany’s happy as a pig in slop drawing her little pictures, writing out her ABCs, afraid to look a white man in the eye. She and August tuck themselves away like mice in a hole, especially with this Fugitive Slave Law waiting to pounce. Forget abolition.


I’d even take rich Lucy Manning with me. She’s stopped being a pain in the petunia, and we’re a good newspaper team at The Lily. Amelia Bloomer took us both under her wing, especially after old man Manning’s threats forced Lucy’s ma out of the house. But Lucy’s still hung up on college even though her pa will only spend money on the boys. Forget women’s rights.


After Elizabeth Cady Stanton told every female at her women’s rights convention how lousy their lives are Lucy’s ma started standing up for herself. My ma, of course, thinks her life’s as sweet as a peach. No matter her beer-swillin’ husband bothers August every time Ma’s in church saying her hopeless prayers. That boozer hurt Ma real bad once, and I know he’ll hurt someone bad again. I hate that worthless drunk.


So, once I save up enough traveling money, I’m hitting the canal. My stash of cash is growing. Someone finds that, he’ll be in big trouble.


Lucy’s saving her reporter’s salary for college. But she has some other scheme going, I know it. Some secret she won’t share.


We both have our secret stash and if we lose that, neither of our dreams will come true.


Beany, she doesn’t have any dream besides writing down her mama’s slave stories. She’ll have a big story to tell if those slave catchers show up in sleepy Seneca Falls. 



Wixumlee Is My Salvation is the second book in Georgia Ann Mullen's Canal Tales Series. Tess’ story continues after a brutal fight with slave catchers turns the once bold young woman cowardly. When her friend is kidnapped, Tess becomes entangled in the slave rescues of the Underground Railroad. Sadly, her lack of skills and personal terrors make her barely acceptable to this militant gang of abolitionists. Turned cowardly by bloodshed on the towpath, Tess struggles to win back her friend and regain her own lost courage.


You may contact Georgia Ann Mullen at:



DOING THE VISION    Author: Gale J. Terry

Mary Paulsen's life changed in April of 1998. In a matter of hours she became an artist. She was never trained as an artist, never aspired to be an artist, nor cared much for art. But that spring morning after receiving a vision from God, Mary began creating works of art using the complicated technique of reverse painting on glass. "Doing the Vision" describes Mary's journey from her early childhood years to her rise as a successful visionary artist. Along the way, she created Mary's Gone Wild, a magical garden built not for profit but to attract donations to feed hungry children. Created by Mary's own hands, the buildings are made from recycled wood and bottles and represent themes of love and longing and joy and faith. Mary's paintings hang in all 50 U.S. states and in numerous countries around the world. For those who have not stopped by Mary's Gone Wild in Holden Beach, NC, "Doing the Vision" provides an opportunity to see what others have seen and marveled about. Mary's work comes alive through the many photographs of both her colorful art and compelling village.


ISBN: 9780615727868

Author: Gale J. Terry

Binding: Hardcover

Pages: 80



Purchase Book Here: