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Circle of Love Wedding Ceremonies

Hearts are Bound By: Rev. Shannon Mackay

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Products available to rent or purchase for you wedding

You may choose to add these items to be included in your ceremony.


Butterfly Release  Ask about pricing

Dove Release $200.00 

Includes 2 Beautiful White Doves to be released at the end of your ceremony.

This is such a beautiful way to symbolize your union and amaze your guests.


Bamboo Arch Rental $150.00



Lighted heart in the sand $150.00
72 Lighted Votive's - Perfect for creating a romantic mood for a sunset wedding

Wine Ceremony $45.00

Includes Personalized Bottle of Wine and Wine Glasses to keep and used during the ceremony

Sand Ceremony $59.00

Personalized sand ceremony vase to keep.


Personalizing Options:


The sand unity ceremony is a beautiful way to incorporate any children or other family members that you want to include in your ceremony. The concept is similar to that of the unity candle ceremony, but much more inclusive for blended families. Each party is given a small vase of different-colored sand, which is then poured into a larger vase, symbolizing the coming-together of your families. After the ceremony, the vase can be placed in the home as a reminder of your special day.


I will provide containers for pouring sand, table and your choice of colored sand to represent the two of you or the two of you and your children or parents if you wish to include them in the ceremony. Sand Colors Available: Blue, White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Black, Grey, Green, Natural

Rose Ceremony $15.00

Give your mothers (or other family members) roses at your ceremony as part of the ceremony or floated in the water for a remembrance, includes 2 roses.

Trinity Cord $40.00
A passage from Ecclesiastes 4:12 illustrates the importance of Christian companionship.  Two Christians that are bound together in Christ are stronger than the individuals themselves.  If you believe that Christian marriage is about more that the union of one man and one woman.  The Bible teaches us that God performs a miracle in our marriage, uniting us together in a covenant relationship with Him as one.  The Cord of Three Strands is a symbol of that sacred union created on your wedding day and can be added into your ceremony.


The Hand Fasting Ceremony Cords $55.00 


An Old-Fashioned way to add charm to your wedding ceremony. Can be used to add a Celtic, Renaissance or Medieval twist to your ceremony. Couple faces one another, joining right hands as each cord is ceremonially wrapped around the couple’s hand, as the ceremony progresses with each of the six colored cords. At the completion of the ceremony the couple pulls on their end of the rope and ceremoniously "Ties the Knot!"

Video Taping of your Ceremony $75.00

Single Camera on tripod, includes 1 DVD's

Tiki Torches $75.00

Includes: Use of 8 Tiki Torches, torch fluid included. You may decorate to match your wedding colors, or not, they are beautiful just as they are. 


If you are having an outdoor wedding? Don’t forget the wedding Tiki Torches!

The flames of the Tiki Torches are so romantic and a breathe-taking addition to nature.

Tiki Torches are the best touch to lighten up any outdoor wedding event, whether it be in the backyard, beach or garden. The wedding Tiki Torches enhance all decorations as well as the romantic air of the wedding ceremony.


Just think about the overall look and feel of the wedding Tiki Torch ceremony and reception using them; which reflects a sophisticated and formal, or casual and free-spirit feel.


Line the way to the wedding alter with a Tiki Torch the or encircle the outdoor ceremony
area, consider putting Tiki Torches at the registry; this will all add to the
drama of the wedding ceremony and reception.


There are variety of ways as to how beach weddings are decorated and organized. Most of the time, beach weddings are organized before the sun goes down. The wedding minister will light the Tiki Torches to start off the excitement of the starting of the ceremony festivities. 


Typically the couple will have pictures taken earlier because of the challenges of lighting and then sunset sunset images which are usually very dramatic and romantic.

The beautiful, romantic and natural beauty of the beach, garden or outdoor wedding will be unforgettable with the help of breath taking lighting of the Tiki Torches. 

Broom Ceremony $75.00

Includes: Decorated Broom for Ceremony

Sound System $55.00

Includes: Speaker and Microphone

Wedding Bouquet to Rent

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Wedding Decorating Service

Coming Soon: Brides Maids Gifts 

Contact Us:

Hearts are bound by: Shannon MacKay

Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Founder of: Pleasure Island Wedding Professional Group

Find us on Facebook: Pleasure Island Wedding Professionals



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